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  4. While some items’ durability and damage go up with better prefixes, items such as the wands or tools like pick, sickle, axe, drill, chainsaw have zero difference. When comparing a primitive sickle to an ascendant there should be a notable difference in the amount you harvest. Same with wands and other tools, no notable differences. It is infuriating grinding for hours to get a “good” drop only to find out it’s no better than the primitive one you can craft yourself. Bogus to say the least.
  5. We all know finding a bed on the map can be difficult when you have 50 of them down, a search bar on the revive menu would make it a lot easier to find exactly where your trying to go.
  6. A great idea for pixark would be zip lines kinda like in ark aberration, but having 2 zip lines would set it apart. I propose having 2 different zip lines for 2 totally different reasons. 1 zip line for moving cargo in crates which i think exist in real life don't see why they wouldn't. And finally a zip line for player movement just like in aberration.
  7. If your playing on console it 10% worse than pc
  8. In ark the majority if not all flyers can attack while grounded yet pixark at least on ps4 they cant do that
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