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  1. You are a life saver man. I will definitely be playing around with this more often. Thanks!
  2. The only way of saving is, to save and quit so make sure you do it often.
  3. With this Major crashing issue that came out of nowhere their expected update was probably delayed. Expect for the update to be pushed back another week.
  4. [Update] A few people have said that its not exploring and that it's items that have a "Fuel" in them, and if you leave them running when you explore you crash, others say they don't crash at all, and It might have to do with what Console you have. Im assuming Xbox One has the worse of it, Then Xbox One S and Finally the Xbox X. I happened to notice its about 20-25 chunks of exploring before the game breaks.
  5. Im assuming you ran into the Map border, the worlds aren't infinite, so you'll see an end to the maps.
  6. I notice sometimes that entities seem to be spawning inside the walls sometimes. It mainly happens to the smaller creatures, "Onycs, Mushrooms, Zombies, etc."
  7. I have completely filled the dodo farm with all female dodos and stocked it with berries and it wont produce any eggs, this is either because I cant put the berries in the "fuel" slot, or putting the berries in the dodo nest inventory doesn't seem to register for it.
  8. When you die on Xbox you can't click on the bed icon to be able to respawn at your bed. Also when crafting items sometimes, you can't seem to click the "Clear Crafting queue" button.
  9. When you hit somewhere around level 25 you unlock a land privilege sign. You can also earn Land privilege papers from the task bots. As for the other question, I do not yet know how to fill back up water.
  10. Lets admit it, Humans are slow compared to the vast creatures on Pixark. However, we should at least be given a chance to get away. Being able to auto-run up a single block, and increase our movement speed should become a necessity. Its bad when you cant even out run a zombie.
  11. On Xbox there seems to be a major issue with chunk loading issues. If you travel to far from where you spawned or load in too many chunks at a time your game will crash, this makes it nearly impossible to get anywhere from where you started. There is a work around however, You just need to save and quit after travelling for a while.
  12. I tamed a Parasaur and a Trike on the Xbox, and I tried collecting berries with them. I used all the controls I could, and tried PixCubing it and releasing it again. None of it works.
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