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  1. ok any info on how to do this? here is my stup if it helps. one pc playing game, another pc hosting server(have tried it local also no change) all ports forwarded, everyone outside can connect (proof ports are correct) game shows in steam server list. everyone else sees the game listed ingame, in the games server list under unofficial password protected. i load game, sit in list, for 5 mins, refresh a few times just to give it a chance, scroll though list, my server is NOT there for me. no use going to survivors as i havent made one yet to find, but i do it anyway and it shows 2 official servers i logged into just to make sure net was proper. is there a way to create a character on your own server in this instance so that i can use the methods you listed to join?
  2. First, you need to actually LOG into a server and create a survivor for it to show in the "my survivors" list, care to elaborate on how you are doing this? or is it something that isnt working yet? the guide assumes this has already been done. how can it have been done, if you are setting up the server for the first time, following the guide hehe? Me personally i cannot load into my server at all. Everyone else in my twitch channel has, no issues they are having the time of their lives playing together, as i sit, and finagle with anything possible just trying to get beyond the "network error, cannot something the query port" error.
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