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  1. Hello, Im trying to get a pixark server up and running for a few days.... But somehow i cant get it on the steam server list. All the ports are open in my router. I even turned off the windows firewall... https://gyazo.com/fbae29d9dae571ace3ddfed4bb5937e0https://gyazo.com/8b64aa59ad568933189a30397364dc69https://pastebin.com/4LZdLVwf Can someone help me out pls. Kind regards, Dutchy.
  2. Im in need of some help. Im trying to get my pixark server up and running. I know how to set it up (im running a ark server so its kinda the same) but somehow the server wont come up in the steam server list.... I know the server is working. When i double click the PixARKServer.exe its going to start up the server and then it will show up in the steam server list. But when i use the startup command thingy it wont show up ever.... I added all the ports i could find in my router. Turned off the windows firewall but still nothing.... https://gyazo.com/fbae29d9dae571ace3ddfed4bb5937e0 https://gyazo.com/8b64aa59ad568933189a30397364dc69 https://pastebin.com/4LZdLVwf Its running on a windows 10 pc. Can anyone help me? Kind regards, Dutchy.
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