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  1. I suggest a larger map uncovery. A little line through the whole map. Is quite annoying and you cant really explore the entire map. Also on another note I love this game I even made my own server. But the glitches man. Going as far as falling to lower parts of the cave when you jump attack using a raptor. And many of the commands dont work. What's more frustrating is half the time I cant even find my server on the server list. Great game. But needs more work. Edit: triceratops should spawn in regular grassland too. As well as Turkey, and big ear rabbits. Rex's arent spawning very often.
  2. I made my own server on xbox 1 and just realized that um not getting enough engram points. Is there a way to make you get more engrams points when you level up?
  3. This game desperately needs shortcuts for transfering items and crafting and stuff. I play ark survival evolved. And this game needs some of the same short cuts. Having to navigate your inventory everytime u transfer something is getting so tedious
  4. Is this game dead? I like the game but seems like it's just there. Nothing us being done to fix issues and bugs.
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