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  1. So I have been enjoying PixArk alot since I purchased the game around the same time I bought Ark: Survival Evolved a little bit after the Extinction DLC had dropped. Ark is currently one of my main games to play along with another game called Closers. Ark has very in depth settings even for single player, and I noticed that the settings are alot different in comparison, making it hard for someone who plays Ark on a daily basis with "enhanced" settings such as myself... Now I did read up and saw that you can change file settings for some things, but personally, I can't be bothered to go through all the game files just to change one or two things. So with that being said, I think it would be great to see better game change settings such as base wild dino health and that and also a changeable difficulty rating in game. I feel like alot of the early dinos are very... terrible, in a way. I went out with a pteranadon with almost 200hp, looked away for a second and it had died to a 36 cave hyena, not only that, I feel like trikes should have higher base health, since they are generally tanky creatures in Ark, but one of my high level trikes died in 3 hits to a low level terror bird. So I think being able to modify the difficulty, such as max wild dino levels, and base/tamed/per level stats for dinos in game would be fantastic.
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