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  1. Hello, looks like I can no longer modify my server thread and change or add links and info. Can we please have the ability to edit our threads/posts for a longer period of time? Threads should be editable for as long as they live imo so that we can always modify info pertaining to that thread. Thank you.
  2. You are actually wrong, the rates do currently work for certain things. Such as harvesting animals, Resource respawn rates, player point to level ratios, and more. Instead of making yourself look silly maybe you should actually learn a bit more about the game AceMan
  3. You're not doing any better by posting pointless stuff to get your post count higher.
  4. Hello, we are a PvE focused community. Filled with loads of friendly people, you will have an amazing PixArk experience. Main part of the community is located in Zone 4. Come join us and have fun! Discord: https://discord.gg/QTCzD22 24/7 UPTIME FRIENDLY COMMUNITY ACTIVE ADMINS LAG-FREE 20+ ONLINE
  5. Almost none of the multipliers work, this includes Trees/Berries/Exp/etc. This has been confirmed on multiple servers. Changing the values for the multipliers have no effect and the actual results remain vanilla 1x.
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