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  1. Are you having issues setting up a server? Go ahead and order from our partner SurvivalServers.com they have everything up and running. Here's a quick peek at their control panel which has lots of customization options for your PixARK server! So you are the do-it-yourselfer type, eh? Follow along below! Hey there, I am making this fan created community forum post to explain how to create your own local, hosted private server on the same computer as your game. Would have posted this on the official Steam forum but it is overran by other posts. Also noticed a couple of the hosts had guides (Survival Servers, GTX Gaming, etc) but they were not fully fleshed out. So here we go. Do I need SteamCMD? Yes, it is advised to download SteamCMD and first setup a directory. Download SteamCMD from https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/installer/steamcmd.zip and put it in your directory of choosing, for this example we'll use c:\pixarkserver Create a folder within that folder c:\pixarkserver\steamcmd And put the steamcmd.exe file inside Run the steamcmd.exe, it will fetch some files and then type exit Now you have a blank c:\pixarkserver and a c:\pixarkserver\steamcmd with some files in it Fetch the files from the PixARK official server app id from SteamCMD start "" steamcmd/steamcmd.exe +login username password +force_install_dir "C:\pixarkserver" +app_update 824360 validate +quit Replace username with your Steam username Replace password with your Steam password Save as update.bat Run update.bat and it will take about 20 minutes to fetch all files from Steam (on a fast connection) it's a few GB in size Voila! Now you have PixARK server files ready for local hosting. Creating the Server! Where can i find my "PixARKServer.exe" file? This file is located in this folder (assuming you have followed the guide above!) c:/pixarkserver/ShooterGame/Binaries/Win64/PixARKServer.exe Setting up the .bat file! So, we want to create a bat file to Start the PixARKServer.exe and put in some commands. Create launch.bat file in c:/pixarkserver using Notepad or some other editor Open it up and copy the following: start "" /NORMAL "C:\pixarkserver\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\PixARKServer.exe" "CubeWorld_Light?listen?MaxPlayers=YOURMAXPLAYERS?Port=27015?QueryPort=27016?RCONPort=27017?SessionName=YOURHOSTNAME?ServerAdminPassword=YOURADMINPASSWORD?CULTUREFORCOOKING=en" -NoBattlEye -NoHangDetection -CubePort=27018 -cubeworld=YOURWORLDNAME -Seed=YOURRANDOMSEED -nosteamclient -game -server -log Make sure that you change the capslock texts: YOURHOSTNAME: This is the name of your Server in all lists etc. YOURADMINPASSWORD: This is the Password a Player needs to type into the console to use cheat/admin commands. YOURMAXPLAYERS: This is the amount of Players that are allowed to connect to the Server. Max is 70. Now the file should look something like this: Setting up the config file! I don't really know if this is overdoing it, but we will also put settings into the config file. Where can i find that file? c:\pixarkserver\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer and it is called "GameUserSettings.ini" My whole file looks like this: [ServerSettings] ServerAdminPassword=YOURADMINPASSWORD RCONPort=28017 StructurePreventResourceRadiusMultiplier=1.000000 ResourceDropQuantityMultiplier=1.000000 ResourceRefreshPeriodMultiplier=1.000000 BlueprintTimeToCraftMultiplier=1.000000 TimeForFullRepairMultiplier=1.000000 RaidDinoCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=1.000000 PvEDinoDecayPeriodMultiplier=1.000000 KickIdlePlayersPeriod=3600.000000 PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier=1.000000 AutoSavePeriodMinutes=15.000000 ListenServerTetherDistanceMultiplier=1.000000 MaxTamedDinos=5000.000000 RCONServerGameLogBuffer=600.000000 AllowHitMarkers=True [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameUserSettings] MasterAudioVolume=1.000000 MusicAudioVolume=1.000000 SFXAudioVolume=1.000000 VoiceAudioVolume=1.000000 CameraShakeScale=0.500000 bFirstPersonRiding=False bAutoThirdPersonRiding=False bThirdPersonPlayer=False bShowStatusNotificationMessages=True TrueSkyQuality=0.700000 FOVMultiplier=1.000000 GroundClutterDensity=1.000000 bFilmGrain=True bMotionBlur=False bUseDFAO=False bUseSSAO=True bShowChatBox=True bCameraViewBob=True bInvertLookY=False bFloatingNames=True bChatBubbles=True bHideServerInfo=False bJoinNotifications=False bCraftablesShowAllItems=True bLocalInventoryShowAllItems=False bRemoteInventoryShowAllItems=False bUseAutoJump=False LookLeftRightSensitivity=1.000000 LookUpDownSensitivity=1.000000 GraphicsQuality=1 ActiveLingeringWorldTiles=7 ClientNetQuality=3 LastServerSearchType=0 LastDLCTypeSearchType=-1 LastServerSearchHideFull=False LastServerSearchProtected=False HideItemTextOverlay=False ItemSimpleTextInfo=True bDistanceFieldShadowing=True LODScalar=1.000000 bToggleToTalk=False HighQualityMaterials=True HighQualitySurfaces=True bTemperatureF=False bDisableTorporEffect=False bChatShowSteamName=False bChatShowTribeName=True EmoteKeyBind1=0 EmoteKeyBind2=0 bNoBloodEffects=False bLowQualityVFX=False bSpectatorManualFloatingNames=False bSuppressAdminIcon=False bUseSimpleDistanceMovement=False bDisableMeleeCameraSwingAnims=False bHighQualityAnisotropicFiltering=False bPreventInventoryOpeningSounds=False bPreventItemCraftingSounds=False bPreventHitMarkers=False bPreventColorizedItemNames=False bHighQualityLODs=False bExtraLevelStreamingDistance=False bEnableColorGrading=True DOFSettingInterpTime=0.000000 bDisableBloom=False bDisableLightShafts=False LastPVESearchType=-1 TriggerTutorialStatus[0]=0 TriggerTutorialStatus[1]=0 TriggerTutorialStatus[2]=0 TriggerTutorialStatus[3]=0 TriggerTutorialStatus[4]=0 TriggerTutorialStatus[5]=0 TriggerTutorialStatus[6]=0 TriggerTutorialStatus[7]=0 TriggerTutorialStatus[8]=0 DisappearableTutorialIndex=0 UseLoadingForGameTerrain=1 bUseVSync=False MacroCtrl0= MacroCtrl1= MacroCtrl2= MacroCtrl3= MacroCtrl4= MacroCtrl5= MacroCtrl6= MacroCtrl7= MacroCtrl8= MacroCtrl9= ResolutionSizeX=1280 ResolutionSizeY=720 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1280 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=720 WindowPosX=-1 WindowPosY=-1 bUseDesktopResolutionForFullscreen=False LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=1 [/Game/Mods/CubeWorld/Blueprints/CW_GameMode.CW_GameMode_C] bCanPvPAttack=True AutoPvPAttackStartDateTime=(PVPAttackDayOfWeek=Saturday,PVPAttackHour=0,PVPAttackMinute=0,PVPAttackSecond=0) AutoPvPAttackStopDateTime=(PVPAttackDayOfWeek=Sunday,PVPAttackHour=23,PVPAttackMinute=59,PVPAttackSecond=59) IncreasePvPRespawnIntervalMultiplier=1.000000 IncreasePvPRespawnIntervalBaseAmount=30.000000 bPassiveDefensesDamageRiderlessDinos=True [SessionSettings] SessionName=YOURHOSTNAME [/Script/Engine.GameSession] MaxPlayers=YOURMAXPLAYERS [ScalabilityGroups] sg.ResolutionQuality=73 sg.ViewDistanceQuality=1 sg.AntiAliasingQuality=3 sg.ShadowQuality=1 sg.PostProcessQuality=2 sg.TextureQuality=2 sg.EffectsQuality=3 sg.TrueSkyQuality=3 sg.GroundClutterQuality=3 sg.IBLQuality=1 sg.HeightFieldShadowQuality=1 sg.GroundClutterRadius=10000 Make sure you change the capslocks text. YOURHOSTNAME: This is the name of your Server in all lists etc. YOURADMINPASSWORD: This is the Password a Player needs to type into the console to use cheat/admin commands. YOURMAXPLAYERS: This is the amount of Players that are allowed to connect to the Server. Max is 70. Save the file and you should be good to go on configuration changes. Hosting the Server! Check your Ports! Make sure that you open the ports 27015 and 27016 and 27017 on both your router and your Windows Firewall! This is important, but i can't really help here, since this depends on the router you are using. 27015 is game port 27016 is Steam query port (what you use to look up in server list etc) 27017 is RCON port (what you use third party tools to connect with) Starting the Server! Move back to the .bat File folder and double click the .bat file. This should create a small CMD window after a few seconds, which looks like this and will always stay like this: With this, the Server is running. It will take a few MINUTES for it to be fully registered with the ARK master server to show up in the Server Lists. Joining the Server! Others Joining the Server! The first (and most obvious) method is to find the server in the in-game server list. Second method - Steam Server Browser (CURRENTLY DOES NOT WORK, STUCK ON CHARACTER CREATION LOADING) First of all, make sure that the Server is running by doing the following: Open up your main Steam window and open the upper left tab called "View". There should be a point called "Server" which opens the good old server browser from Steam. Go to "LAN" and select ARK as a Game in the lower left filter. Refresh the List until you see your Server, this can take some time. And yes, you are seeing your own Server as a LAN Server. We will get to this in a sec. As soon as you see the Server, you know it is up and running! After you see your own Server in the Lan List, you can find your server using one of the following third party resources: Finding your IP In the upper right search field, search for your Server, either by the Name you set for it or by using your IP (not the local one, use "whatismyip.com" to find out what your IP is). At least THERE you should find it. Otherwise there is something fishy with the Ports i guess. If you found it, click on it and send your friends the link to your Server. Tell them to close the Game and click on the IP. Clicking on the IP will let them Connect to the Server. This is how my friend joined my Server and it worked. It could also work through the normal UNOFFICIAL Server List or the Steam Internet Server List, but this is how it worked for us. Joining the Server yourself! (Note: It seems like you only need to do this once. After that, my server always appears in the "MySurvivors" list directly!) Once the Server shows up in LAN, start your game. Move to the ServerList and search for "UNOFFICIAL" Servers and make sure you hit the "Password Protected Server" thingy. Let the Search finish and make sure that you CAN'T SEE the server in this list. Then change the search filter from "UNOFFICIAL" to "MY SURVIVORS". Waiting a few seconds and you should see your own server. Additionally you can use one of the three methods above. Admin Commands and additional Server Settings! You can find a list of admin commands (that you can type in through the console) and Server Settings Here. I tested things like "cheat god" or "cheat fly" and they are working. Also the "MapPlayerLocation=True" in the bat file and the config file seems to work. Sadly not the Crosshair. To add these commands to the bat file: Behind the last "Password=YOURADMINPASSWORD" section, add something like this: ?ShowMapPlayerLocation=True No space between this and the Password (the ? is important), but a space between the rest "-nosteamclient....". Troubleshooting! How to update my SteamCMD Server after ARK was updated? Go ahead and launch the update.bat file again. It will first verify files and then update them immediately. I can't find my own Server in the List? First of all, which list? If you can't find it in the LAN list, make sure that you at least waited 5 minutes. Could even take more time. The Server needs time to register with the Master Server from ARK. If it is still not visible, check the Settings and .bat file again. Maybe you misstyped something. Also make sure that your Ports are forwarded! If you can't find it in the UNOFFICIAL list inside of the game, this is normal. You won't find it yourself. You still need to search for it with the correct filter settings (Check Password Secured Servers if needed), although it won't find the Server. This is a work around for Server Hosts, because they can't find their own Server without. After you received the UNOFFICIAL Server list, switch the Filter from UNOFFICIAL to My Survivors. After a few seconds the Server should show up. If not, please check the whole tutorial and make sure that everything is running to this point. If everything seems correct, but the Server is not showing up, i guess you still have problems with your Ports. Check if others can find and join your server (the normal way. They don't need the workaround). There's also a known bug of some servers not even showing up on the unofficial server list. Additional Information! This is how it works for me. I hope it will do the same for you. I can't really give your support here, since i'm not a developer of this game. Please be nice to each other and the Devs, and let us enjoy this awesome game!
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