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Hello there, I'm offering people that don't have the budget to get a host to make their own server and what I mean by this, that I will provide a power dedicated server "accessed only by me " but you get unlimited slots.

The positive thing about it is that I will take care of the website fully, you don't have to edit it/manage it or anything.

What your job will be is to manage/make the server, it's basically going to be your own server I wont get involved or help as I'm busy.

Now my only 2 conditions are:

Condition 1: you get players.

Condition 2: you get donations.



Now after we get a specific amount of donations [Goal]. You will start getting a high (%) percentage of the donations for your hard work even though most people should open a server for the fun of it but I understand you need cash as well.



Discord Information[Add me]: UnknownRaz#2239


P.S it doesn't matter which game. just not minecraft or a darkrp server.0

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