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  1. For those of you that cannot connect to your own server or see it in the in game server browser here is the fix. Add your server as a favorite through Steam (ip and port - Example: and then when you go back into PixARK you will see your server added in the in game server browser under Favorites.
  2. And if you cannot find your server in the in game server list? I am trying to connect to my own dedicated server on my own LAN using the Steam Server/Lan function.
  3. I have an odd feeling that this is a Windows 10 issue. I have been talking to a person that is running 37 dedicated servers with zero issues and the only difference is he is running Windows Server 2008 and I am running Windows 10.
  4. start "" /NORMAL "C:\pixarkserver\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\PixARKServer.exe" "CubeWorld_Light?listen?MaxPlayers=10?Port=27015?QueryPort=27016?RCONPort=27017?SessionName=MYSERVERNAME?ServerAdminPassword=YOURADMINPASSWORD" -NoBattlEye -nosteamclient -game -server -log And yes I changed the info in it that needed to be changed
  5. I can see my Server on LAN through STEAM, I try to connect and it asks me for my password then it loads me into SP. Once leaving SP I have this message "Network Failure Message" "Unable to quesry server info for invite"
  6. Server shows up in Steam, I try to connect and it just puts me into my SP world? Get out of SP and it says "Network failure Message" "Unable to query server info for invite" This is a Dedicated Server running on my own Network (LAN).
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