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  1. If you want to use walls instead of mined blocks, lay a foundation for the wall and build on that. It's easy enough to do one that will even keep the Sauropods out.
  2. The best common rare resources, such as the magic stones, seem to be most common near bedrock. Others, like Flash Sand and Ice Crystals, are going to be biome specific and up in the mountains or in the caves. Be aware that you could break through into a lava river with little warning, so confine your deep mining operations to Level 4 to be safe. And, don't mine straight down or you could fall through a cave ceiling. And, the weather ignores if you are in a cave, mine tunnel or not, so, be prepared to survive heat and freezing cold depending where you are mining.
  3. I have found a large variety of resources, including all of the magic stones, if you tunnel under the river all the way to bedrock. Just be sure you stay below the bottom of the river or your mine will be flooded. (Quickly patch the hole so it will dry out.) The caves under the frozen land are a good source of ice for the ice chest. You will need snow from the mountain top to build one.
  4. It appears that changing the game settings only works when you start a new character. It is not working for existing ones. Most of the single player cheats for Ark Survival Evolved work in PixARK.
  5. It appears that you can merge saves. Not sure how reliable that is. One can most definitely archive the save folder. Do delete the game one after backing it up before bringing in the archive one. Most definitely, take advantage of using terrain blocks you have harvested to build a shelter for you and your tames. You can also dig traps for dangerous creatures such as raptors that you want to knockout tame. The easy way to tame a Trike is hop on it's back when you get the chance. That way, you don't have to chase it while taming. There are structures scattered about in the various biomes that contain loot create. Beware of the creatures guarding them. Some of those crates and the quest ones have yielded some good items. The minerals such as coal, copper, sulfur, silver, iron, quartz, gold, etc... are biome specific. You may find mines where those minerals are abundant. Otherwise, dig tunnels along the hillsides to find veins of those materials. Coal is needed to run various tools such as the mining car you can use to haul large amounts of heavy materials on the track you can lay over the land. It can be used in the forge. While the trees, grass, and bushes will regenerate over time, mined resources will not. Turn the stone you are constantly digging out into building materials or fill in the holes with it. You can also use the mined rock and soil to bridge the canyons and fill in the holes in the terrain to make travel much easier and safer.
  6. I hope so. Currently, to get a raptor, you have to get them to fall into a pit. So far, the pteradons are easy to drop with a sleepy arrow to the head.
  7. PixArk combines Mine Craft with the best of Ark Survival Evolved along with the magic and creatures of Dark and Light, and several Ark mods such as Structure Plus. Like Mine Craft, you can mine the terrain for resources for building as well as for the rare materials. This gives you endless possibilities for crafting, tunneling, and hiding in caves and other structures. Being a Mine Craft style game, everything in the game is made up of blocks. The terrain, the trees, the bushes, the creatures, your player. Like Ark, you can create your character to look any way you want. All characters start out with the same ability. Unlike Ark, you can create and play with multiple single player characters on multiple single player maps. Those are procedurally generated with no two maps alike. Before getting started, go into Preferences to turn on the cross hair, auto jump mode, switchable viewing option, and other items of your choice. You use the switch on the mouse wheel to toggle first person or third person view. The scroll wheel just selects items from the hot bar. Most other controls function the same as they do in Ark. You will likely get on screen tutorial hints as you start playing this game. To get started: 1. Punch a tree to get wood. Pick thatch from the grass and fiber from the berry bushes. 2. Craft a wood pick and hatchet. Cut trees with the hatchet and mine the ground with the pick. 3. Dig a hole somewhere for a temporary shelter until you can build something stronger. 4. It takes a lot of crafting to make foundations, walls and ceilings. Fortunately, you can mostly use harvested blocks of dirt, clay, or stone to build your first structures. Crafting building blocks uses mostly one of something. Doors and windows will require more material. Some structural items may need foundations in order to build or place crafting items on them. 5. Mine flint from the special rocks you see in the area. Dig down to rock to get stone to craft a spear. 6. As soon as you level up for them, get and craft a stone pick and hatchet. Mining will go much faster. Store extra items in a chest. 7. All herbivores appear to be passive tames. What you can tame is limited to what level you are at. I would suggest that you get a firefly right away. They make a good flashlight when it gets dark out or for working inside of your mines and caves. 8. Beware that Phenomas will attack you if you attack them. Only the Dodos will run off crying when you attack it. 9. Tamed creatures can be stored as a Pokemon ball and carried in your inventory. 10. If you are killed, you lose your inventory, but retain everything on your hot bar. Expect to be killed a lot until you can better protect yourself from spitters and raptors. 11. If you stray from the safe zone, things get a lot more dangerous especially in the pits and caves. However, that’s where the better stuff can be found. 12. With no tools in your hand, the right mouse button activates your scanner that can be used to examine items much like the spotting scope. 13. There is no Bola in the game. Fortunately, one “Sleepy Arrow,” to the head of a Pteradon will knock it out for taming. Inventory of creatures is in the lower middle left, not the boxes on the right. To get a raptor, dig a pit so that it can fall into it to be trapped. They are a lot harder to capture and knock out. 14. Crafting stations work a lot different from Ark. For a fire, place fuel in the slot, light it, then select what you want to craft on the left. The items will automatically transfer from your inventory and storage to process. It is similar to how the Structure Plus crafting option works. 15. Selection of objects for learning the engram and crafting uses an index icon system on the left. If you don’t see what you need, click through it until you find that item. Some of the saddles are hiding in those different categories. They won’t show if you select all. 16. Copper is a rare resource found buried in the ground near flint. So is coal. As soon as you can, craft copper tools to replace the pick and ax. A copper pick will mine stone for building so much faster. 17. The game is not fully balance as of yet, expect things and game play to change as the update are made. Be aware of using your tames in combat for now. Like you, they will be attacked by the wild predators, even more so. The good news, a high level pteradon will tear up the pesky bats gathering lots of raw meat and hide from them. 18. Like Ark, you can build a raft. You will have to be completely in the water to launch it. Have the ax handy to deal with the predator fish when you launch your raft. 19. When you kill something, it will usually drop a box which you harvest with a pick or hatchet. You may also get a loot chest. 20. There are quest available at the Quest Station. When completed, you will get a loot chest as a reward. 21. Be carefully of punching a hole in the dam or breaking through into the river while mining. You will start a flood. Fortunately, you can repair the break with dirt, clay, stone, etc… The water will eventually dry up and may create a lot of clay from the dirt inside. 22. This game allows for the use of multiple maps and characters in single player. Don't be afraid to experiment until you find a map and character that you like. You can always delete the bad ones from the game when you start. 23. Like Ark, you can archive your single player game save by making a copy of the Saved folder and placing that somewhere else. Revert the game back to your old save at the risk of corrupting your save. Delete the save, then copy the archived one back. Again at your own risk. You have been warned. Enjoy. I’m sure that other hints will be added to this post.
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