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  1. One of the biggest issues I am having with pixark is the lack of communication to the Xbox community. We have bought a broken game that is barely playable and the developers have said nothing other than an update for multiplayer last week that never happened. I cannot explore the world due to the game crashing when I leave spawn or randomly after about an hour of playing. I have adjusted my render distance and ground clutter witch has helped a little but not enough. I'm still stuck at spawn and if I venture to far or play too long the game crashes. The UI still has a lot of issues and does not feel seamless. I cannot split stacks or double click to transfer a full stack. Trees are not responding and dinos don't harvest berries. Also I cannot use my bed as a respawn point. I am exited to be able to play this game and I love the concept but the lack of communication from the developers is pushing me away from this game. Hopefully the developers will decide to say something and give us some information. Please respond!
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