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  1. Hiya It would be good to be able to see your markers and tribe members on the map. Any form of damage indicator on the Dino's please. Very difficult for new players to see if they are even making a dent. Some indication of how much essence deals in damage not just "does medium damage". Degradation on tools. Just thoughts?
  2. Hiya What are the following used for? Silver Gold Quartz Has any managed to use the magicians book? A single tamed dung beetle produces more than the petroleum tank is this going to change? Has anyone managed to keep the firebugs alive in the lights? Just interested
  3. Hi Couple of bugs with the enchantment of firearms: I placed a firearm into the workstation (in this case a primitive shotgun) to enchant, then left the workstation (in my case to get copper) when I returned seconds later the firearm had vanished. Enchanting a shotgun to fire causes the name to change to include the word fire and making it obvious that it is fire enchanted, ice and poison do not. Without putting them back into the workbench there is no way to tell them apart as even the thumbnail icons are all the same. Just thought I would pass on.
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