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  1. Introduction: The goal of our community is to provide an alternative to official servers and to provide a positive atmosphere so we can all enjoy the game together. We also run a large cluster for ARK: Survival Evolved so you can expect active admins and a fairly active Discord community as well. Depending on popularity, we intend to keep our PixARK server running for a long time! We have a very balanced map; all biomes are available! Servers: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Our server password can be found on our discord. This way we're able to make sure that everyone joining is aware of our rules. Discord is a requirement as it allows us to do cleanups instead of full map wipes. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Server Location: North America Discord: https://discord.gg/jTuKF2a Map: https://i.imgur.com/WfiIMrc.png ---------------------------------------------------------------- Rates: 1x All (Subject to change but the goal is to keep things vanilla or semi-vanilla) Settings: * Server Mode: Pioneering (PvE) * Flyer Carry: Enabled * Map Location: Enabled * Third Person Mode: Enabled * Floating Damage Text: Enabled ---------------------------------------------------------------- Rules: - We have a zero tolerance policy for griefing or picking up other players without their permission. - No rude or hostile behavior and no spamming the chat. - Please let us know if you intend to bring a large group of people. - Please build away from others to avoid issues. If we get complaints, we may ask you to move. - When mining, try to keep the land looking natural if you're able to. - No fast travel beds! These occupy potential base locations. When using a bag or bed for a cave, remove it when you're done. - Only use behemoth gates when necessary! These are huge and intrusive and shouldn't be built near other people's bases but rather used for taming large dinos. - Do not wall off a huge chunk of a biome. Larger builds are allowed but please be reasonable. - For now, each tribe is limited to two main bases until we get a better grasp of the world. -No litter! Please clean up after yourself so we don't have to do it for you.
  2. Earlier we did a restart to combat the memory leak. We saved the world beforehand but found that when the servers started, all building progress was rolled back by 2-3 hours. However, not everything was rolled back as resources collected and stuff in our inventories was the same as it was before the rollback! One of our members logged in and was stuck in the walls of a cave he dug out prior. My girlfriend's mine was filled in and upon digging it out again, she ended up finding a torch she laid prior to the rollback, so there's definitely a weird bug that can occur when restarting that only affects blocks.
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