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  1. 1) Carry a parachute. 2) There is a server setting to stop players from picking up other players.
  2. I lot of us have been having the same problem. The workaround that I have (thanks to @Locket on the Steam Forums) is to follow this procedure: 1) Log onto Steam on your server machine. 2) While the server is running, go to the "View -> Servers" menu in Steam. 3) Go to the favourites tab and click "Add A Server" 4) Enter the direct IP (x.x.x.x). It should come up with the server. 5) Select the server and then Add Favorite. 6) Go to PixARK and it should not be on your favourites list. You may need to fiddle around at Step 4-5. I got it where the server on the list said it was "Not Responding". I hit refresh and it momentarily appeared and then went back to "Not Responding". While it was refreshing, I selected the server and then added it before it went back to the "Not Responding" state. I'm not sure if I [/needed/] to do that, but it worked. It's not a great workaround, but this is something Snail needs to fix pretty soon. Not everyone running a server will find this thread or the solution. Perhaps hte mods need to create a sticky or something.
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