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  1. This bug also happens when you die to a heat wave that I know of but does not happen when you die unmounted
  2. Better world generating because the current one sucks, only a hand full of bios at a time. Have to reboot server 50 times to find a decent map... And for the time you get rid of the middle mouse button plague that never goes away in the middle of the screen for changing the view cam.
  3. pull the items into your inventory just crafted one myself.
  4. Added -Cubeport=7777 to the start Bat and disabled/removed Old ports that were active in the firewall. Ran Ark server on the same box so had to remove old ports because it was conflicting with each other.
  5. As the titles stated The servers shows up in the game server listing IN GAME. I'm able to make a char but then it goes into the loading/joining into map it's stuck on an endless load. any help I'd be very grateful. I've Opened the ports 27015, 27016, 27017, 7777
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