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  1. Phantom's Pixark Adventure PvE (25 Player Slots) Hosted in Eastern Canada IP: Join URL: Click Here (Steam Connect URL) Server on PixArk Servers: https://pixark-servers.com/server/ Settings: (Some Settings may not work due to early access) 8x Tame 2x Gather 5x EXP 10x Hatch & Mature Max Dino Level 120 All Engrams available by max level Custom Stat level-up variables Enabled Gamma Enabled Floating Damage Numbers Increased player resistance Increased Max Tame Limit (150) Server Discord: https://discord.gg/7k3ChPJ About us We previously ran an ark community server known as Phantoms Modded Ark Survival and since then branched off from ark into PixArk! we try to be an active community and give players a place to play and experience the game along with having a friendly area for everyone to enjoy! The server and map first opened on March 28th 2018 but the community was first started May 25th 2017. We do want to include that some settings and options will be subject to change as newer patches comes out, and we will not wipe often unless issues comes around! if you are at all interested in joining our community then you're more then welcome to join our server discord and ask some questions! Hope to see you there.
  2. he said the same to mine, plus not having edit capabilities blows. made so many errors on mine that i cannot fix
  3. because those will be our rates when it gets fixed. im not gonna advertise x1 rates when we plan to have those rates when they fix it. gonna let people who are interested in those rates play on the server so when they fix it itll be there. Edited, i would have included that some server settings/rates don't work but this lovely forum doesnt have proper edit functions or delete mechanics. otherwise i would completely redo
  4. lol made so many typos, can't edit
  5. Phantoms PixArk Adventure (PvE) Here we strive to be an active and out going community, we first started with an Ark server known as Phantoms PvE Modded Ark Survival back in May 2017 but decided to put a hold on that for a awhile. as of now we have started our new PixArk Server! If your at all interested in joining, here is our server discord and rates (Please note some things are subject to change such as settings, rates and so forth as it is a new game and new things are being discovered!) If you have any questions feel free to ask them! Server Discord https://discord.gg/7k3ChPJ Rates -10x Tame -4x Gather -10x EXP -10x Hatch Rate - 10x Maturing Rates -Custom weight variables per levels -Enabled Gamma -Enabled Floating Damage Numbers
  6. At first the sleepy darts weren't craftable in the workbench but the 1.5 fixed that, although now that they are craftable it seems you cannot drag the sleepy dart onto longnecks to change there ammo type to sleepy darts
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