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  1. we need support, dedicated servers dont works, when the client join, they are all time loading to spawn in the server, can create his player but when try to spawn they are all time loading. Pls we need help.
  2. Hello eveyone, i saw that a lots of things are similars at ark, and a tool like Ark Server Manager for Pixark could be really nice.
  3. i have installed 3 servers in 3 of our machines and always the same resoult, if someone could help pls. We are a important comunity of servers and we are stoped by this problem we need some help. Thank you everyone!
  4. Hello! =) I'm trying to start our own servers but im having some problems, and y need some help pls when people try to entry in my server, the server dont load, or dont start. is all time in the same windows waiting. i tried in other servers and works well. The screem of the server is the last picture. Thanks you people!
  5. hello, your for yout first question, you can solve it with anonymous login. start "" steamcmd/steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir "C:\pixarkserver" +app_update 824360 validate +quit
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