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  1. So once again after opening up a big hole in the earth and putting on foundation (rock) which will not save past a couple hours doors(stone) and windows(stone) what I currently have to build buildings put of because 0 walls, ceilings, foundations be IT thatch, wood, stone, or glass, currently will not save at all!!!!!!!!!! Above or below ground on XBOXONE, glad yah guys fixed ballistas for PC/steam/ps4 how about u take care of Xbox one so I can literally make ANY KIND OF SAVEABLE SHELTER, BESTPART IS WHEN IT LOADS ME AND MY ANIMALS TRAPPED IN THE EARTH WHEN IT RELOADS IN ALL THE BASEMENT I CLEARED OUT? LOVE PICKING MYSELF AND MY ANIMALS OUT FOR 4 HOURS DAILY, BUT HAVE BEEN HAPPY 2 DAILY BEEN UPLOADING THE PICTURES 2 XBOXLIVE SO PEOPLE CAN SEE AT MY GAMERTAG REAPER8169 AT XBOXONE IF YOU DONT WANT TO FIX THE BIGGEST PART OF THE GAME ON HOST/LOCAL / SINGLE PLAYER / CREATOR/ WILL B MORE THAN HAPPY TO SHOW THE FIRST GAME PREVIEW ON THE STORE THAT LITERALLY DOESNT WORK, OH AND CRASHED 14 TIMES YESTERDAY which happens every time i fly or go fast on raft oe just out of the blue for me and my girlfriend which also cannot save walls floor cielings a liveable shelter ya know? WOULD B A GOOD GAME IF YA STOPPED WORRYING ABOUT BALLISTAS ANS FIXED CORE GAME ON XBOXONE AT $25.00 A POP THANKS SNAIL KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! WILL LET EVERYONE KNOW WHEN U ACTUALLY FIX MONDAY JULY 9TH 2018
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