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Kody Gloval

Private Servers hanging at connection screen

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Hey all,

Many are experiencing issues with Private Servers...can see the server in the list, connect...and then it hangs at the server loading screen.

I have posted this in the Steam forums as follows:


Two things...

1. The section that talks about the downloading of the PixArk server via SteamCMD has the contents of the file showing:

start "" steamcmd/steamcmd.exe +login username password +force_install_dir "C:\pixarkserver" +app_update 824360 validate +quit

The 'username password' bit doesn't work for me (and many others), try replacing it with just 'anonymous'.

2. Sorry for the double post...however right now MANY people trying to get a dedicated server setup are experiencing hanging at the server loading screen. This is now in a separate thread here:



I have spent about 3 hours on the PixArk Discord server with a bunch of frustrated people trying to resolve this, and no joy. Any help appreciated!!!



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