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Admin Tools Need to be Opperational! Need to fix a griefing issue.

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Hello we have a pve server and we have an issue where someone was blocking portals/drops. as server admin destroy tribe structures only works on storage/workbenches stairs and whatnot.

 it does not destroy the foundation, walls, or ceilings. destroy my target does not destroy them. cheat kill does not destroy them. JoinTargetTribe does not work. any tool I would have to remove the block DOES NOT WORK. literally the only way to remove it at this point is bring down the server switch to pvp and demo the building that way during a weekend. Destroy target Tribe/tribestructures my target or any combination of those does not work. ShowMyAdminManager does not work. I cant get steam ids of offline targets/players tribe ids of offline targes/players or their buildings. one of those commands crashed the server heres hoping we can get it back up.

last thing I plan on trying is summing an animal that can damage the walls and maybe nuke it that way.


please fix this server admins need the tools to do their jobs!

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