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Why PixArk is in a horrible position and how it can change.

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PixArk is already dying...... The death of its older brother ark was caused by lazy devs, to high of pc requirements, and overpriced dlc coupled with crippling bugs, awful combat, etc. Then i saw this game, a voxel Ark, i spent a day pondering and finally bought it on the 1st, i had dumped 4 hours into it and liked it, but as i played it more and more, i saw more and more flaws, countless bugs, optimization problems, and worse, misinformation. When i saw PixArk for the first time i thought it was going to be a copy and paste ark, with all the dinos i loved and biomes i also loved. However what is here now is simple, minecraft like biomes, and oh so much magic that it feels like Ark fell in love with wizard 101. The flaws are prominent, bugs and glitches, odd animations, little customization, compared to the original, and the removal of my favorite dinos and addition of what, a Pegasus. However there are also some pro's, the crafting and hud is much cleaner, the voxel animations and models for creatures in the game are great, the soundtrack is one of the best parts, and already the devs seem to be much more active than the original ark. However the devs are fixing the wrong bugs, which isnt exactly a bad thing, just not a great thing, the devs need to hop on the steam discussion and look because there are outcries of clipping and crafting glitches, and what i believe is a huge disappointment, the lack of attention to the servers, oh my, these servers are horrible. I thought arks was bad, no i hadn't seen anything, these have rubberbanding, straight freezes, blocks remaining when i mined them up to 6-7 times, and the worst of all, these were official servers, the ones supposed to be dealing with this issue. I feel like PixArk can fix all these issues with a simple task of listening to its fans a little better and taking into consideration what they have to say. Thanks for reading my rant, besides the shameless plug, it would be great if you visited my youtube channel, im trying to get started and make PixArk vids there and im trying to make money for a car and new cpu, my youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe-hlnP0Zho7FRWxcj9ZvLg?disable_polymer=true

Go check it out if you want to see a kid rant and fail at games, but anyway hopefully PixArk can become what its older sibling couldn't be. xD

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