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Tamed dino XP

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No I'm not asking about multipliers .... now that's out of the way...

Why would two separate dinosaurs (both Gryphons) level at different rates?

Our little tribe tamed 3, I don't recall the exact levels when they were tamed, but something like 17, 25 and 47 I think. Being the more active player I took the lvl 17 as it would likely level up quite quickly under my play time. My Gryphon is now level 60 and has had way more XP than the other two (who are now lvl 68 and 88) ... almost double the XP of the lvl 68 and 10-20% more than the lvl 88. What gives? It doesn't seem to be working out as I'd expected.

Does anybody know the mechanics at play here? Every time I search for this sort of this all I see is pages of xp multipliers :)

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